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New driven out now!

maxon Groups current edition of driven, the in-house magazine that explores drive technology, focuses on the impact digitisation and automisation have on the workplace, and what exactly is meant by a Smart Factory.

Home automation systems where appliances are managed remotely and through a single touchpoint, are becoming more commonplace and a great example of digitisation in the home. In companies though, how will Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence affect employment? Will people be replaced by automisation and robotic systems? Readers will learn what is behind the terms used in connection with the smart factory and why some technologies are taking longer to reach fruition than initially expected.

In other news, the editorial staff of driven visited an exoskeleton team preparing for the Cybathlon, the second part to the article on “Inductance in iron-core DC motors” is released and the Ceramic Department within maxon Group gets a closer look.

Available free of charge. driven magazine is published bi-annually in three languages and is full of interesting reports, interviews, and news from the world of drive technology. The current issue is available online or can be ordered in print.

Please contact the maxon media office for more information. or maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Multi axis brushless DC motor position controller system

From two to eighty axis – maxon motor release a revised, versatile multi axis motor position system.

Need an eighty axis position control system? Well let’s face it, not everyone does. Though more often than not, in today’s increasingly sophisticated world of motion systems three and four axis systems are required. The trouble for motion control suppliers is being able to meet customer demands for motor position control systems with seemingly infinitely variable requirements.

Three axis controller systems in the past were very common but when you needed to control four motors there were two servoamplifiers paid for but not used. What made this industry standard even more inefficient was that inside the box for these motion controllers was simply three separate motor control units connected on a Bus system. This describes the problem that maxon multi axis system has solved.

Developed as an eleven axis motherboard with snap-apart individual drive segments. The exact number of motor axis can be easily configured simply by separating the required number of drives and jumping both the power and communications along the board. It is an incredibly simple though effective solution that has now been tested and proven in every combination. The most notable application is an eighty axis motor control system for a complex food handling production line.

Technical features include: CANopen control, Interpolation Position Mode, 6 digital inputs and 2 analogue inputs per axis, current regulation and a wide voltage input.

For more information contact maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Brushless frameless DC motors from maxon.

The latest edition of maxon’s magazine driven features the made to order brushless frameless DC motors.

For high torque and low speed applications such as the joints of a robot, the fundamental DC pancake motor can be difficult to integrate. Maxon offers a brushless frameless motor as a kit, available on request, with outer diameters from 32mm through to 90mm. These powerful DC motors are compact. The stator and rotor are delivered separately (without bearings and motor shaft) and are only connected at the very last minute when the components are assembled. The windings are available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC. This can be tailored to the application allowing space for the passing of fiber, electrical or air cabling and hoses. The brushless frameless DC motors have high numbers of pole pairs and can be delivered with or without a Hall sensor for easy control.

Maxon motor Australia delivers Australia-wide and to New Zealand. For more information please contact a Sales Engineer Tel. +61 2 9457 7477 or visit the latest edition of driven.

Brushless Frameless DC motors supplied on request. © maxon motor.

New sizes of DC motor and Planetary Gearheads available for configuration through maxon’s online tool.

Now available for online configuration maxon motor Australia release new sizes of DC motor and planetary gearhead.

Following from maxon motors release of the new ECX DC motor (read about it here), now available are new sizes of the high speed brushless DC motor and planetary gearhead. A complete DC drive system can be tailored to individual demanding applications by adding the EPOS powerful motor controller.

New sizes available include the ECX 8mm and 22mm diameter (in both Medium and Long versions) and eight variations of the GPX planetary gearhead in sizes ranging from 12mm to 26mm.

The benefits of the new ECX range of DC motors include extremely high speeds, low noise, sterilisable and lightweight for applications with compact space constraints.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon Robotics feature: Part 6

Surgical robots: the maxon motor drive solution.

In the final part of our 6-part Robotics feature, we take a look at the maxon motor and drive solutions for Surgical Robots.

Robots increasingly are supporting surgeons in operating theatres worldwide. Operating laparoscopically in the patient through small incisions, the instruments can be maneuvered with a greater level of precision and flexibility than is capable from a Surgeon’s hand. The advantages being less invasive, less risk of nerve damage or major bleeding and quicker recovery due to smaller cuts. Several dozen maxon DC motors are used to accurately transmit the movements of the surgeon and have the robot execute the surgeons movements to the nth degree. With no cogging torque these DC motors are ideal for surgical robot applications.

The maxon motor drive solution for Surgical Robots

Brushed DC motors from the maxon DCX series. With very quiet operation, high energy efficiency, backdriveable gearhead, minimal heat build-up, ironless maxon winding (providing smooth running) and linear characteristics – these properties combined give excellent control properties.

Pictured above: DCX 22 motor with GPX 10 planetary gearhead and ENX Encoder © 2016 maxon motor

Other maxon drive solutions to consider

  • DC motors with precious metal brushes: RE 30, 15 W and RE 40, 25 W
  • Controllers: EPOS2 Module 36/2.

View the entire maxon motor with precious metal brushes program

For information on this article or any of our Robotics Feature articles please contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.



maxon motor Australia announce the release of two new motors to their range.

A new range of DC motors in 50mm diameter with power, length and voltage options. Produced by high quality manufacturer KAG.

The M50x28/I and M50x65/I. Fit between the existing M48 and M63 range offering more accurate motor size selection for various applications be they in the robotic, process control, manufacturing, food equipment, scientific instrumentation or communication industry. The new 50mm x28 DC motor produces 7% more power compared to the 48mm and equals the power of a 63×40 version. The motor DC voltage range spans 5V through to 42V DC and the two motor body lengths are 91 and 126mm. It can be supplied with an optical encoder and gearhead to suit the application requirements. The configuration choices include Planetary, Spur and Worm gearhead styles and safety holding brakes. Nominal speeds near 2800rpm and efficiencies of over 80% have been measured. Data sheets and 3D models are available online.

Contact maxon motor Australia for help selecting DC motors. Ph:+ 61 2 9457 7477.


Very small brushless DC Flat motor – in space.

10mm Diameter brushless flat motor supplied by maxon motor Australia with specific customisations for use in space. An example of the extreme miniaturisation possibilities for test, research and exploration robotics.

This brushless DC flat servo motor (commonly referred to in Australia as a pancake motor and globally as a BLDC motor) has an outer diameter of 10mm and a motor length of just 3.25mm. The motor is capable of a top speed of 22000 rpm based on a 4870 rpm/volt constant (KV). Brushless flat motors are characterised by a high torque per volume and normally have low speeds due to a “lever arm” effect, this tiny motor bucks this trend achieving speeds normally only possible from traditionally shaped brushless motors. The motor is available with and without hall sensor feedback to broaden the motor control miniaturisation possibilities.

The emerging swarm robotics trend, miniature spacecraft and micro satellites have an increasing demand for tiny DC motors that implement their gyroscopic effects to orientate the devices. Shown here is a highly customised version that has been adapted for use in outer space. In particular, a vacuum capable lubrication Braycote 601EF has been used in the ball bearings and the shaft has been specifically modified to suit the inertial load.

Contact maxon motor Australia in their Sydney office for detailed assistance with motor customisation.   Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon DC servo motors driving your golf game.

Quiet, powerful DC servo motors for motorised golf caddies.

Smooth wheel movements, quiet operation and efficient energy output were the basis for selecting two maxon DC servo motors for inclusion in the JuCad golf caddy. With an ironless winding system, customised motor shafts and rare earth permanent magnets, this specific combination drives the caddy smoothly yet does not compromise on power. Fitted with speed control and automatic forward function the motors are recharged by lithium batteries. Constructed of titanium and carbon materials for a lightweight product, the JuCad Golf Caddy weighs less than 5kgs.

For more information contact a sales engineer at maxon motor on +61 2 9457 7477.


DC servo motor © maxon motor


The JuCad caddy © maxon motor


The JuCad caddy © maxon motor

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