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maxon motor has a new micro site

maxon motor has a new micro site dedicated to our new  servo controller range.

The ESCON 36/2 DC is the first product in the new servo controller range by maxon motor and shows how user-friendly drive technology can be. The extremely compact, powerful 4-quadrant PWM servo controller offers efficient control of brushed permanent-magnet activated DC motors up to approx. 72 W. With its unsurpassed power density, it is the embodiment of the degree of miniaturization that is currently possible in the field of servo controller technology. It is hardly possible to pack more power, more functionality, more convenience and more protection in such small dimensions with today’s level of technology.

visit today.


New Staff Member

Meet our new Sales and Applications Engineer Lawrence Chang

He has a Sales background in power supplies.

His qualifications are: Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications and Master of Business Administration.

He is happy to help you with any maxon applications you have, please contact him at

The successful series of brushless EC 45 flat motors gets an addition to the family.

Two completely newly designed 70 Watt versions join the family, which pushes the power limits, once again.

The new EC 45 flat 70 W is available in two versions; one with socket connector and one with prefab cable. It displays a very flat speed/torque gradient and unifies novel features with proven characteristics: flange pattern, fixation and socket are identical to the existing EC 45 flat 50 W.

The new EC 45 flat 70 W is available with Hall sensors with four winding types (24, 30, 36, 48 V) and can be combined as follows:

• Gears: GP 42 C, GS 45 A

• Controllers: compatible with numerous types of servo controllers (DEC, DECS, DECV and DES) positioning controllers (EPOS2 and EPOS2 P)

The new EC 45 flat 70 W features extraordinary key data:

• Max. continuous torque of 130 mNm (about 38% more than EC 45 flat 50 W)

• Efficiency 83…85 %

The new EC 45 flat 70 W is perfectly made for pump drives and the use in industrial automation etc.

maxon motor Australia forms partnership with Gurley Precision Instruments

maxon Australia extends it’s automation capability and DC motor position control systems with Gurley Absolute encoders. Dual absolute and incremental encoder positioning loops with the EPOS 2 controller are now possible. The system uses the Gurley Absolute SSI encoder for positioning and the motors incremental encoder for speed control. Assembling a positioning system in this way eliminates the need for expensive “zero backlash” gearheads that often fail to meet this claim.

Technical guide to CAN

To help engineers considering the use of CAN in smaller applications, maxon has produced a handy technical guide – is available to download here absolutely free.

CANopen is increasingly popular as a compact, inexpensive and flexible solution.

Written by maxon’s mechatronics expert Dr Marcel Honegger, the downloadable booklet gives an overview of the main modes and approaches – including examples, diagrams and transmission times.

If you have particular requirements that you need to meet, simply email our engineers and we will work with you to deliver technology to your exact specifications.

to download our free technical guide please go to

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