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maxon Driven magazine – Now it’s your turn!

If you have read the technical article about maxon motors in vacuum, you will surely have no problem answering our question.

Enter the contest and win one of three DCX motors by maxon motor. You can configure the motor to suit your personal requirements. The deadline for participation is October 31, 2013.

Which motor type is best suited for the following requirements?

  • Operation in a high vacuum with precision optical components
  • Speed up to 3000 rpm
  • Vacuum chamber is outgassed at 150° C for 36 hours
  • Torque: Short-term to 11mNM for 10 seconds (pause 1-5 minutes). Despite heat dissipation, motors with a continuous torque of approx. 50mNm should suffice


Another alliance between KAG and maxon motor.

Kählig Antriebstechnik GmbH have appointed maxon motor Korea Co. Ltd. as their distributor for Korea.

KAG of Hannover have over 40 years’ experience manufacturing high quality brushed and brushless DC motors. KAG manufacture a range of standard motors, gears and accessories in a versatile modular system with the aid of an online product configurator. They also excel in producing customised solutions for industrial automation, building automation and specialist applications such as pump drives for axle cooling systems, oil pump motors for hybrid cars, wheelchair loading systems, conveyor systems and a range of motors for doors, turnstiles and blinds.

maxon motor is the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drive systems up to 500 W. For the past 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation. As a result, our modular product range has constantly been expanded and now includes:

  • Brushless and brushed DC motors with ironless winding up to 500 W
  • Brushless flat motors with iron core up to 90 W
  • Planetary gearheads, spur gearheads, special gearheads
  • Sensors
  • servo amplifiers, position controllers
  • High-tech CIM and MIM components
  • Customised drives

The perfect match. With the combined product range of KAG and maxon motor there is now a solution for almost any application area. This complete motor range is supported by an electronics suite that allows full motion control system integration.

Brushed and brushless DC motors power Shell’s Eco-Marathon

The many months of hard work paid off for the University of Oxford at this year’s Shell Eco-marathon challenge when they won the coveted Technical Innovation Award.

The European leg of this global competition was held in Rotterdam last month, where over 200 entries from universities and technical institutes competed to travel the furthest on the equivalent of one litre of fuel.

The Technical Innovation Award was presented to the team in recognition of 3 major enhancements in this years vehicle i) an Android App that maps the efficiency of the motor in real time for the driver to optimise the driving style; ii) a reconfigurable photovoltaic array that allows optimisation of the solar energy use and; iii) a clutch mechanism that allows regeneration braking while free-wheeling.

The Energy & Power Group (EPG) from the University of Oxford were delighted their vehicle, nicknamed Peggie also travelled 54% further per kWh this year compared to last which gave them 7th place (up from 12th in 2012). The Group consists mainly of DPhil students in Engineering, the driver (Lucy Mahoney) is a DPhil in Geography specialising in transport but there are also students included from the areas of Physics and Chemistry. The Team Manager is DPhil Student Robert Camilleri and the Technical Manager is DPhil Student Peter Armstrong.

maxon motor uk has worked with the Group for several years, giving advice and guidance on how to improve the vehicles performance. Some of maxon’s most efficient off-the-shelf DC motors were tested before selecting the brushed RE 50 and the brushless EC 60, powered by the latest ESCON 50/5 servo motor controller.

Peter Armstrong, Head of the Technical Team at EPG, commented ‘We were honored to receive the Technical Innovation Award. There were some formidable entries among the 200 competing teams from across Europe, some of whom had developed exciting technologies in areas such as: rapid prototyping, novel drive arrangements and intelligent throttle control. maxon’s sponsorship and technical support was instrumental in achieving a 20% improvement in our drive-line efficiency which exceeded our expectations significantly.‘

Peggie can be seen, and more can be heard about the design and build, at the maxon motor uk workshop at The Engineering Design Show at The Ricoh Arena, Coventry on October 3rd at 11.15am.

Brushless DC flat motors create an Automation Revolution in Suture Processing

An automated surgical suture machine invented by PharmSouth Ltd using maxon brushless DC motors, gearheads and controllers, is greatly improving the suture processing industry.

PharmSouth, a consultancy and design company, refurbishes and builds new machines for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. They specialise in designing machines that encompass the whole suture manufacturing process, from pack winding to the attaching of the needle and stiffening the ends. These suture packs can be found in operating theatres throughout the world. Suture material varies widely in size, length and make up as do the needles. Different variations are required for different operations. Surprisingly one type of suture is actually made from stainless steel and is used to stitch up bones. The machines are designed to be adjusted quickly and easily depending on the requirements.

maxon motor has been working with Stuart Best, a consultant from the company, on the design of the innovative apparatus. Each machine uses an EC 45 flat brushless motor and the GS 45 spur gearhead is driven by the EPOS2 P 24/5 motor controller using hall sensors for feedback. This controls the suture feed, on lead screw, along the frame ensuring each of the windings are exactly the same distance apart, even when the frame motor is accelerating. This action is much like the mechanical gearing of a lathe on the tool carrier when machining threads. The difference being this is geared electronically not mechanically. The electrical gearing is thanks to the master encoder mode within the EPOS motor controller, it’s a mode of operation when a master encoder is spliced to a slave drive which scales the encoder pulses to incremental motions on its own axis. This way two different axes can be synchronised or scaled in the same or opposing direction as the master axis.

The RE 40 DC motor and encoder and GP 52C planetary gearhead is driven by the more powerful slave EPOS2 50/5 motor controller and rotates the fast spinning of the frame on which the suture winds. This axis has a maxon motor shunt fitted, the 25W 30A with selectable voltage threshold for electronic dynamic and e-stop braking. This is essential in the event of the safety circuit being triggered (by entering the area of operation) so the motor can stop instantly.

Stuart Best said ‘The support we get from maxon motor is phenomenal. Our customers don’t tend to have technical staff so we are the first point of call for any product issues but the maxon products have never failed. Another reason we work with maxon motor is they have an office in practically every country in the world so I can always get products delivered locally.’

Stuart also attended maxon’s free EPOS and ESCON training courses in their Berkshire offices last year.

Introducing automation to the suture market increases productivity and the repeatability ensures predictable quality levels. It is not surprising that demand has been incredibly high for PharmSouth’s machines and the company is currently recruiting.

DC motor of the week. 22 Aug 2013

DC motor of the week. 22 Aug 2013


Small DC servo gearmotor that packs a punch.

Delivered this week to a customer using the motor in a stretcher lift application, this DC gearmotor features very high power density. At 65mm in diameter the gearmotor can produce 73Nm of torque when run on a 12V system and the current draw is a modest 10A. Intermittently, the gearmotor can produce torque levels beyond 75Nm. The RE65 DC motor has a continuous mechanical output power rating of 250W and an efficiency of 80%. The gearmotor combination achieves very smooth operation at low speeds, it has zero cogging (magnetic detent) on account of the ironless, coreless motor design. A high quality commutator system with 26 pole segments also assists to give smooth low speed motion and very low brush noise.

Custom DC gearmotors for each application.

The rare earth (RE) 65mm DC motor is catalogue specified to be assembled with an 81mm 120Nm gearhead, however this application is for the aerospace industry where every gram counts. So the customer conducted extensive testing using the standard 81mm planetary gearbox and was able to give maxon detailed current draw figures across the duty cycle of the equipment. With this information maxon was able to plot the corresponding torque levels onto the capability chart of the 62mm gearbox to determine the load levels were well below the levels that the gearbox could tolerate. So maxon designed and built a special mounting flange to couple the motor and gearbox together, creating the perfect match for the application.

Contact maxon motor Australia for assistance getting the selection right for your application. Phone our Sydney office on +61 2 9476 4777

12V DC high power gearmotor

12V DC high power gearmotor


Waiting for our next shipment of motors to arrive from the airport. Wish the truck would hurry, so many new goodies.

Intelligent robots for research and soccer.

The robot named DARwIn-OP (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence-Open Platform) is used mainly for research and education purposes. The user can easily program the robot according to his own wishes, as the system is based on open source. The very quick and precise movements of the robot are executed by maxon motors.

The robot is approx. 45 cm high, is equipped with sophisticated sensors and is able to perform dynamic movements. For example, it can walk very fast (24 cm/s and more), it can speak and listen, run processes, can balance itself and works fully autonomously. One of its biggest hobbies is playing soccer. In June 2012, Team Darwin conquered 24 international teams and won the RoboCup in Mexico City.

Small DC motors follow the stars at minus 84 degrees.

The maxon DC motor powered Dome C telescope in the Antarctic is constantly in use under some of the harshest weather conditions on Earth.

The Concordia Station (known as Dome C) research station lies in Eastern Antarctica at 3.2km above sea level, one of the coldest places on Earth. In temperatures of down to minus 84 degrees the University of Nice’s Astrophysics Laboratory (LUAN) telescope has been in constant use in this inhospitable place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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maxon DC motors drive autonomous robots.

YLOG are an advancing company that manufacture autonomous robots for logistics applications. An Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AiV) is a robot that assists emission reduction and costs. Additionally they improve the use of available space within the logistics centre or warehouse. The incorporated maxon DC motors enable the free and independent AiVs to be accurately controlled.

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Brushless maxon DC motor Moves Humanoid Robotic Hand

There has been rapid advancement in the development of robotic hands to replicate human movement. Delicate grippers with both fingers and thumbs are now a reality. In the near future multi-fingered motor driven robotic hands will be part of the daily workplace. In areas where basic grippers are currently employed there will soon be complex five fingered hands that can carry out far more intricate tasks. Important advancements in mechatronics have enabled the production of multi-fingered hands with separately controllable fingers and joints. The complex mechanics and control electronics that are required to achieve this are now, to a certain extent, standard commercial parts.

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