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Very small brushless DC Flat motor – in space.

10mm Diameter brushless flat motor supplied by maxon motor Australia with specific customisations for use in space. An example of the extreme miniaturisation possibilities for test, research and exploration robotics.

This brushless DC flat servo motor (commonly referred to in Australia as a pancake motor and globally as a BLDC motor) has an outer diameter of 10mm and a motor length of just 3.25mm. The motor is capable of a top speed of 22000 rpm based on a 4870 rpm/volt constant (KV). Brushless flat motors are characterised by a high torque per volume and normally have low speeds due to a “lever arm” effect, this tiny motor bucks this trend achieving speeds normally only possible from traditionally shaped brushless motors. The motor is available with and without hall sensor feedback to broaden the motor control miniaturisation possibilities.

The emerging swarm robotics trend, miniature spacecraft and micro satellites have an increasing demand for tiny DC motors that implement their gyroscopic effects to orientate the devices. Shown here is a highly customised version that has been adapted for use in outer space. In particular, a vacuum capable lubrication Braycote 601EF has been used in the ball bearings and the shaft has been specifically modified to suit the inertial load.

Contact maxon motor Australia in their Sydney office for detailed assistance with motor customisation.   Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

Brushless Frameless DC motors

maxon brushless flat motors designed to a frameless format.

To achieve a maximum torque from a minimum density and motor volume, maxon brushless flat motors (pancake motors) are available on request in a frameless form. maxon EC flat motors are BLDC (brushless DC motors) with iron windings. They have high numbers of pole pairs and are suitable for high torque and low speed applications. The flat motor design lends itself to integration within a robotic joint.

The principal design of the series has an external rotor (out-runner motor). This can be specifically designed to suit a customer’s application and supplied in a hollow kit form allowing space for the passing of electrical, fiber or air cabling and hoses. With low voltage BLDC motors it is easy to meet safety standards and the windings are available in 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V DC.

It is also possible with frameless motors to still incorporate hollow hall sensor feedback boards and even hollow bore encoders built directly into the stator and rotor components. The pancake motor range from maxon motor has proven itself consistently for many years giving customers confidence that when supplied in a customised frameless version, they will give equally reliable performance.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information on how to integrate a flat motor into your robotic joint application. Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

Brushless Frameless DC motors supplied on request from maxon motor © 2016.


Below: Brushless frameless DC motors in robotics supplied on request © maxon motor 2016.


Subsea brushless DC motors.

The first maxon subsea DC motors and thruster demonstrators arrive in Australia.

As the industry starts to focus on heading over to WA at this time of year, maxon motor Australia are gearing up with the new line of subsea motors, gearheads, thrusters and compensators. Extensively using the current range of Heavy Duty brushless motors and gearheads, maxon motor have created a range of subsea housings to allow for oil filling and pressure compensation connection. The thrusters are fitted with Subcon connectors as standard however they can be customised for specific cable / umbilical requirements. Shown in figure 1) is an example of a 30mm brushless DC thruster with up to 10kg of bollard force. The unit has been manufactured in a clear case for demonstration purposes. The unit shows the special internal planetary gearhead with oil flow holes in the outer body and the brushless motor with oil flow holes in the rear surface. Figure 2) shows a subsea actuator for robotic applications and an associated compensator. This is a larger diameter high torque combination using a 42mm planetary gearhead. The range of subsea thrusters and actuators will become an industry benchmark for power to weight ratio and quality. maxon motor are also able to supply motor control units for use in subsea applications.

Contact maxon motor Australia for assistance with selecting a brushless motor for submersion in water. Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.

Figure 1) Subsea brushless DC motor and thruster assembly © 2016 maxon motor 




Figure 2) Subsea brushless DC motor and thruster assembly © 2016 maxon motor 


Trust the air that you breathe.

Fast maxon brushless DC motors are utilised in the blower units of high-quality protection suits.

Driven by a maxon brushless DC motor. With its ironless winding and strong magnet, the brushless DC motor is capable, high-speed and robust. It was selected especially for a customers specialised high-quality protection suit because of the compact and lightweight design producing very little vibration and noise output. Most importantly, a brushless DC motor was mandatory as a brushed motor may cause sparks that would ignite within the suit.

These specialised protection suits contain the air blower unit within the suit that fills not only the hood, but the entire suit with clean air. Special consideration was given to the placement of the blower unit sewn inside the suit, to avoid the need for heavy straps or air supply hoses. A Li-Ion battery provides more than four hours of operation of air supply with a flow up to 600ltrs per minute.

For more information please call maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.


The brushless EC 22 DC motor is high speed with smooth operation. The ironless winding prevents stutter. For this application, a unit with a power of 40W was used © maxon motor.

maxon DC motors in an Australian turntable.

Fitted with a maxon DC motor, aptly named “The quiet one”, maxon motor Australia’s customer has just released its highest end turntable in five years.

A new turntable featuring a multi-layer design of Delrin and aluminum & Delrin again, making the turntable plinth-less, is spun by a tailor-made maxon DC graphite brushed motor. The motor features pre-loading bearings and a 60V DC winding. The DC motors detent free performance is complimented by the use of a 4096qc encoder and features extra-long cables. Also featuring a special damping system to offset noise from the graphite brushes and the preloading system has been finely calibrated for the speed range.

The motor control features very high bandwidth 53.6 kHz current regulation. Analogue speed adjustment is possible within the three settings and it features an oversized tungsten main bearing. Another feature of the is the “nested” platter and a magnetic levitation system that reduces to under ten pounds the weight borne by the thrust pad/ball system.

The device contains an integrated suspension system that isolates external vibrations and dissipate internal ones, also an isolation system for the tone arm mount that equals previous benchmarks.

maxon motor Australia have been working together with the customer for many years during the development cycle. During this time dozens of customised configurations were experimented with before finally finding the ideal harmonic results.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

The low noise DC motor maxon motor 2016.

ROV Thruster.

maxon motor release New ROV thruster.

Capitalising on their experience developing high power density brushless DC motors, maxon motor have released a new ROV thruster range. Using maxon motors slimline 48V brushless DC motors the thruster can achieve 10kg continual bollard thrust from a diameter of only 30mm. The small diameter helps to reduce water disturbance over the thruster body to maximise efficiency. Two power levels, 120W and 180W are available from the oil filled 22mm motor and 22mm planetary gearhead and the complete thruster has a mass of only 750g. The propeller has a diameter of 70mm contained in a fluted shroud of 82mm. Pressure compensated the units have a depth rating of 6km and the housing comes standard with a Subconn MCBH8M connector. Beside the connector there are x2 4mm diameter fittings, one for oil filling and one for compensator connection. It is possible for maxon motor to modify the thruster assembly to customer specific requirements and there are also modified maxon control units available for use in water.

Along with thrusters, maxon motor also develop compensated underwater actuators and drives for subsea tool and robotic applications. Contact maxon motor Australia for further information Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

Pictured below left: Submersible Brushless DC motor and gearhead with compensator

Pictured below right: Pressure compensated subsea motor and gearhead


300V brushless DC motor.

New 300V winding for heavy duty brushless DC motor. This specialised motor is for use submerged in oil and is designed specifically for Australia’s increasing ROV and subsea market.

The first delivery has just taken place of maxon motor Australia’s new range of brushless DC motors designed to operate on a 300V power supply. From a diameter of only 32mm the unit is capable of power levels of 480W, speeds up to 12,000 rpm and can operate submerged in oil at up to 200C. The 4 pole layout achieves a power density of under 2 grams per Watt and is constructed of a laser welded stainless steel case and flanges. Laser welding continues inside the motor with an encapsulated rotor and weld seams at the bearing seats and shaft collars. The motors bearings are left open without shields to allow for the flooding with oil. Capable of withstanding high vibration and extreme pressures makes the unit suitable for Oil and Gas applications, Subsea Applications and there are also variants for use in Vacuum.

For assistance selecting or modifying Brushless DC motors contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.

The 300V Brushless DC motor from maxon motor

maxon motor introduces MARS – a new facility for mechatronics.

The Swiss Drive specialist has established a new complex in Giswil, Switzerland dedicated solely to DC motors in complete mechatronic drive systems.

Opened in November 2015, the Maxon Advanced Robotics & Systems (MARS) is a production and development site with approximately 20 employees committed to mechatronic drive technology solutions using maxon DC motors. The main arm of maxon motor manufactures DC motors, gearheads and controllers. MARS will combine the parts such as DC motor, gearhead, controller and software so that it can be integrated directly into a customer’s applications as a full custom sub assembly.

MARS is also where maxon motor will manufacture, engineer and sell BIKEDRIVE, the e-bike motor that was released mid-2015. Other products include an innovative drive unit with a dual-clutch gearhead for use in robotics.

For more information on DC motors or mechatronic drive systems please contact maxon motor Australia Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

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