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New submersible maxon motor.

Check out our new submersible motor on YouTube.

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maxon motor – 10 years on Mars


Power supplies just arrived into stock

To support maxon motor’s high precision and highly dynamic drive systems, WE HAVE a range of DC power supplies available for selection. The stock range of power supplies has been specifically selected to suit the demanding requirements of maxon motor’s dynamic motor control units.

The enclosed DC power supplies range from 15W to 750W with an output voltage range from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc. The DC power supplies feature universal front-end AC or High Voltage DC inputs, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection.


Our first shipment for 2014 of brushed and brushless DC motors is here and ready to go out to all our customers.


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1st shipment of the year arriving tomorrow.

Lots of brushed and brushless DC motors, controllers and gearboxes to be despatched to our lucky customers.

Extreme Enviroment Operation of DC Servo Motors: Free Webinar

In conjunction with the Motion Control Association, maxon motor are running this Webinar specifically geared to engineers who need motors to run in extreme environments such as down hole drilling, high temperature, submersible, vacuum, and space.

•    DC Motor selection background.
•    Brushed or brushless DC motor.
•    Heavy duty DC motors for harsh environments.
•    Testing of heavy duty motors for vibration, temperature and in oil and/or air.
•    Application fields of heavy duty motors.
You will learn:
•    How to size a motor for a particular application.
•    How key motor data change with ambient temperature and environment they run in.
•    How to make a DC motor “Heavy Duty” and how the outcome is tested at maxon.


Title: Extreme Environment Operation of DC Servo Motors: What are the challenges and what is required?
Date and time: Tuesday January 21st at 16:00 (UK time)
Duration: 1 hour

Please click on the link to register

maxon motor 10 years on Mars


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