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A step-climbing attachment for wheelchairs fitted with maxon DC motors.

Developed by Australian researchers and fitted with maxon DC motors, the attachment is suitable for electric wheelchairs and offers a cost-effective functionality without having to purchase an entire new chair.

The step-climbing attachment replaces an electric wheelchair’s wheels with a DC motor drive mechanism that enables the user to navigate kerbs and single steps. Developed by Dr Michael Behrens from UTS:CAS in partnership with Northcott Innovation, the step-climbing wheelchair attachment has been patented. Dr Behrens said “….it’s innovative because the mechanisms are contained inside such a small space. There’s a lot of power required to do a step-climbing action and it was a big challenge but we’ve got it down to a very small compact space.”

Performance of the step-climbing attachment is enhanced by maxon motors drive system. The same technology has been applied from the Mars Rover providing uncompromising dependability where safety and reliability are crucial. A tried and true graphite brushed motor and ceramic gearhead combination provides a rugged, compact drive train base. Controller feedback via a magnetic encoder ensures high resolution and tight drive system control by the user.

For more than 17,000 Australians who rely on electric wheelchairs to get around, a single step up and down curbs, or in and out of buildings presents barriers to what is usually overlooked by non-wheelchair users. Current research and development is focused on producing a commercial-grade prototype for demonstration.

To view the step-climber wheelchair attachment please click here or contact maxon motor +61 2 9457 7477.


The RE40 motor used in the step-climb attachment © maxon motor


Supplier of high quality DC drives and motors in Turkey.

maxon motor products are sold exclusively through a new company, ENSATEK, in Turkey.

From January 2016, maxon motor products will be sold in Turkey by the new company ENSATEK exclusively. maxon motor drives have been sold locally in Turkey since 2008, building strong relationships with a number of key customers, in particular in the aerospace and medical technology industries.

Starting in 2016, the entire maxon product range will be distributed by ENSATEK, a company with headquarters in Istanbul. ENSATEK is a new company, although the staff have long been working with maxon motor and are well versed to advise customers on the range of maxon motors, drives, gears and sensors. maxon motor Australia wishes ENSATEK all the very best.

For more information about maxon motor please visit maxon motor Australia or Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Brushless DC motors drive a wheelchair that will climb stairs.

Climbing stairs at a speed of one step per second. Powered by two maxon brushless DC motors this electric wheelchair is safe, maneuverable, fast and easy to operate.

This remarkable wheelchair is widening the landscape for those who rely on wheelchairs for everyday use. University engineers wanted to remove the hurdle that stairs present for a wheelchair user.

Upon approaching a set of stairs, the person will select a function on a touch screen. With sensors and cameras that measure the incline of the stairs, the wheelchair automatically turns around and reverses up the stairs. The person stays upright at all times and is stabilised by the design of the caterpillar wheels.

The wheels and the caterpillars are equipped with two maxon brushless DC motors fitted with ceramic gearheads. The modified gearheads give a longer service life. Selected for their durability, precision movements, quiet operation and lightweight at 3.2kgs the brushless DC drives unite two motion principles in one. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, the chair stabilises and retracts the caterpillar wheels under the chair thus continuing the journey on two wheels. Controlled by a maxon EPOS2 70/10 controller, the digital positioning of the EPOS2 ensures perfect control for both brushed and brushless DC motors.

For more information please contact a Sales Engineer. Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Right main pic: Raffael Kϋnzi tries out the Scalevo wheelchair

Top: the Scalevo wheelchair

Middle: The EPOS2 70/10 digital positioning motor controller

Bottom: maxon GP52 C Ø52 mm ceramic version 

All © 2015 maxon motor


The new ECX range of motors.

Introducing maxon motors new range of brushless ECX SPEED motors.

Optimised for high speeds up to 120,000rpm. Dependent on your application needs, we have developed a range of performance outputs.

Configure online and tailor to your needs. Choose from: Standard, High Power, Sterilisable (up to 2,000 cycles) or with ceramic bearings.

Ready to ship in 11 just days.


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