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DC motor with high quality gearbox

maxon motor Australia supply quality German made DC motors with right angle gearheads at a very competitive price.

Pictured here is the KAG 12V DC motor M42x30 fitted with a low cost right angle worm gearhead – but you wouldn’t know it! It is instantly observable that the motor is of a very robust construction and the right angle gearhead does not have the cast body of traditional low cost worm gearheads. It is in fact a single piece machined alloy housing with a sealed shaft bearing and quality high tensile internal gearing. The motor is available in both 12V and 24V with a high torque of 80mNm at 3100rpm. The combination of motor and gearhead are supplied fully assembled and tested with full test data documentation for prototyping. The pictured unit has a step down ratio of 40:1 however there is a wide selectable range of ratios. The cables are naturally heavy duty with additional isolation at the exit point and strain relief. There are nine variants of length, power and winding in the 42mm diameter DC motor series and all have worm, inline planetary and spur gearhead options. There are various encoder, taco and holding brake components for the through shaft side of the motor also. maxon motor in Australia are able to supply the performance curves, assembly data sheets and 3D models and now with regular shipments from Europe can offer extremely competitive prices.

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Forty kilometres with maxon DC motor on Mars

As the Opportunity Rover surpasses the record for the furthest distance travelled by a rover on another planet, maxon motor engineers are extremely gratified.

This resilient space exploration vehicle enabled by maxon DC servo motors is still going. Despite outlast-ing even their wildest expectations, the maxon servomotors are still functioning on the red planet ten years later. The mars rover has now surpassed the previous record set by the soviets over forty years ago. The ROV utilises maxon DC servomotors for propulsion, scientific equipment and in its robotic arm. Opportunities “sister ship”, Spirit, collected scientific information for six years which still far exceeded the three month lifespan expectation of the original mission.

maxon motor engineers have now collated a history of the technology used in rovers from the Sojourner in 1997, the Lander in 2008 and the Curiosity in 2012 within a full application story. Within the article maxon motor give a glimpse to the future space applications and our involvement in the 2016 ExoMars mission.

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maxon interactive e-paper catalogue out now!

maxon motor, supplier of high end brushed and brushless DC motors, encoders and motion control electronics have released a new online interactive e-paper catalogue.

“I like paper” For young and old engineers alike this is a common adage. The range of DC servomotor products now available can make traditional websites and PDF downloads very cumbersome when trying to specify a motor for an automation or robotics application. It is not just the motor but the vast array of accessories like gearboxes, encoders and motor control electronics that can make it very difficult. Now engineers can thumb through the paper catalogue to get an overview of the products but do it online and even on a smartphone or tablet. It is available in 5 languages and has new sharing page functions, managing bookmark functions, full screen views and zoom features.

Try it out by scanning the QR-code or visit the maxon motor Australia website


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