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Brushless DC motors for the oil & gas sector

The recovery of natural gas and petroleum requires constant innovation and updated technology. The technology used for deep drilling processes are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Temperatures of 200+°C, high pressure and extreme shock and vibration. Brushless DC motor technology from maxon Group is found in various drilling applications, hydraulic valve control, communication mechanisms and measuring instrumentation.

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A dedicated magazine for Cybathlon is out now!

In Zurich on May 2 and 3, pilots will be negotiating obstacle courses with the aid of assistance systems as they battle for victory in the Cybathlon. maxon has devoted a special magazine to this fascinating event and asks: Where is the development of prosthetic devices heading? How do you build an exoskeleton? And what is the favoured discipline of Cybathlon founder, Robert Riener?

The second Cybathlon will be held in Zurich in only a few more months. On May 2 and 3, people with physical disabilities will be competing in obstacle courses against each other. Assistance systems such as exoskeletons, bionic prostheses, and motorised wheelchairs will be used in six disciplines. maxon is supporting the event as a Presenting Partner, and among other things, will be setting up a comfortable lounge for the teams to relax in between races. To increase the thrill of anticipation for this fascinating event, maxon is publishing a special magazine devoted to the Cybathlon, including stories on the ways in which the various disciplines have changed in comparison with 2016, and how Cybathlon founder Robert Riener sees the future of the event.

The Cybathlon special magazine tells the exciting story of Hugh Herr, the MIT professor and visionary who has been reliant on two prosthetic legs since he suffered a climbing accident. He now describes this as an opportunity. Herr is of the firm conviction that mankind will end physical disabilities in the 21st century. The magazine also looks into exoskeleton systems and explains the six points to watch out for when developing one of these systems. Last but not least, readers can get to know the teams who use maxon products in their assistance systems.

maxon’s Cybathlon magazine can be read online at

It will also be available at the event.

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Would you like foils with that?

McDonald’s joins Emirates Team New Zealand as Official Family Partner.

McDonald’s New Zealand celebrated joining Emirates Team New Zealand for the 36th America’s Cup as “the Official Family Partner”. The announcement was celebrated at McDonald’s Feilding with a visit from local hero and team grinder Simon van Velthooven, along with the America’s Cup trophy itself.

It was a proud occasion for van Velthooven to have the oldest trophy in international sport in his home town.

“It’s pretty cool to be here today and see all of the locals turn up to see the America’s Cup in Feilding. There are a few familiar faces that’s for sure, but really this is a great example of why the team are partnering with McDonald’s, because it brings so many families together, and gives us an opportunity for us to connect with regular Kiwis throughout the country.”

McDonald’s Feilding franchisee Dan Pitchforth was not surprised that word quickly got around that the America’s Cup was in town, “It really is a spectacular trophy, and to think where it has been and the history it embodies, and now it is in Feilding. You can see the look of amazement on the faces of all of our customers today. I am really proud Macca’s is backing Emirates Team New Zealand and having Simon and the trophy here today is a great example of the role we can play in the defence of the America’s Cup.”

Since winning the America’s Cup in 2017, Emirates Team New Zealand has been very clear in making sure the America’s Cup is not just an ‘Auckland’ event and realises that not everyone in the country will be able to come to Auckland to watch the event in person in 2021. So, it has been a priority to take the team and event to the regions on top of the free-to-air television and streaming across the country.

“When we first met with Grant we quickly saw the benefit both parties could bring to each other,” said Jo Mitchell, McDonald’s Director of Marketing. “As the Official Family Partner to Emirates Team New Zealand, we see that our primary role is to help get families around the country behind the team. Our franchisees around the country are excited to be part of the team, and the biggest sporting event in New Zealand for the next few years.”

McDonald’s sees around 1.6 million people every week and have 10,000 staff at 170 restaurants across New Zealand.

Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton is proud to welcome McDonald’s to the team.

“It is fair to say that I have been more than a casual ‘shopper’ at McDonald’s over the years, so it was great to have recently had a group of franchisees come into the base. They were really genuine New Zealanders, who were just so excited about the role they will all play in bringing the team and the America’s Cup to their local communities.”

McDonald’s famous ‘Golden Arches’ will feature on the mainsail of the AC75 race yacht to be seen for the first time when ‘Te Aihe’ next sails at the first America’s Cup World Series event in Cagliari, Sardinia in April.


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maxon Group is an Official Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand. We follow the progress of their journey as Defender in the 36th America’s Cup campaign, March 2021.

Match conditions confirmed for the America’s Cup match and dates announced for Prada Cup.

Following a successful mediation, the America’s Cup Defender and Challenger of Record have come to an agreement on the Match Conditions for the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada.

The two sides came to a consensus after engaging in an official mediation process run by the America’s Cup Arbitration panel chairman David Tillett (AUS).

As part of the agreement, the wind range for racing in the America’s Cup Match will be 6.5 to 23 knots.

The agreed racing schedule for the America’s Cup Match has two races per day planned for March 6,7,10, 12, 13, 14 and 15. Additional reserve days have been scheduled but the intention is to complete the event on the weekend of March 13/14, weather permitting. Racing is planned from 4pm onwards each race day. The winner of the America’s Cup Match will be the first team to score seven points.

The parties also agreed on certain conditions in respect of the Prada Cup due to be issued by June 30 2020. The racing will consist of four Round Robin sessions over January 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, and 24, followed by a repêchage round over January 29, 30, 31, and February 2, with the first-to-seven-points Prada Cup Final taking place over February 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22.

The following wind range for racing has been agreed:

Round Robins and Repêchage:           6.5 to 21 knots

Prada Cup Final:                                    6.5 to 23 knots.

In addition the parties also confirmed Course Location Guidelines for the Race Director when selecting the Auckland racecourse locations for all the Auckland events including the Match for the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada.

To view the Settlement Memorandum click here.

The first competitive action of the 36th America’s Cup presented by Prada will be in Cagliari, Sardinia from April 23 – 26 at the first of three ACWS regattas taking place during 2020. Further ACWS events will be held in Portsmouth, England on June 4 – 7, and in Auckland, New Zealand in December 17 – 20.

maxon Group tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon Group is an Official Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand.

One year on: maxon supports Emirates Team New Zealand.

It’s been one year since maxon jumped onboard as an Official Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand.

maxon are proud to have been working closely with Emirates Team New Zealand’s design and engineering team for more than one year providing advice on integrated drive solutions. Looking back a lot has happened in this short time. The team led the way in innovation, designing the system that all the teams use to raise and lower the foils, and pushed the boundaries of technology to build the new concept AC75 yacht using only simulation and not prototypes for testing. With work underway on the second AC75, Emirates Team New Zealand’s spirit for continuous improvement and blue-sky thinking aligns with maxon’s passion and motivation to excel in technology. maxon was excited to see Te Aihe gliding over the water on a recent test run. The AC75 is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology with the use of maxon DC motors and drive systems.

maxon Group Australian Managing Director Brett Motum said “our DC motors are perfectly suited for wherever extreme precision and the highest quality standards are necessary and where compromises cannot be tolerated. The motors selected have high power density and they are configured to operate under intense conditions”. The America’s Cup AC75 Class Rule allows the use of electric motors to operate hydraulic valves, drive clutches, rudders and foils. Teams may also use motors for driving simulator platforms and numerous test jigs.

Te Aihe is currently en-route to Cagliari, Sardinia, for the first America’s Cup World Series (ACWS) event in April where all the AC75s will race against each other for the first time. In the absence of Te Aihe the team finally revealed their test boat which was about a year behind the other teams. This was a strategic and considered decision. The reveal of Te Kāhu at this late stage in the campaign allowed development alongside the first AC75 to wholesomely contribute in the construction of the next AC75. Te Kāhu allows the sailors to continue training in a model that as close as possible mirrors the first AC75. You’ve heard slow and steady wins the race. Now watch this space.

ACWS | Cagliari, Sardinia | April 2020.

maxon Group tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon Group is an Official Supplier to Emirates Team New Zealand.


New! Tiny motor controller from maxon.

maxon are pleased to introduce a new miniature positioning controller, the EPOS4 Micro 24/5 CAN for single and multi-axis applications. At 32mm x 22mm don’t judge the size of the controller, with performance near identical to the larger positioning controllers within its family.

Addressing cost-sensitive applications, maxon have created a miniature motor controller that packs some serious punch – the EPOS4 Micro 24/5 CAN. The functionality, operation, software, and accessories of the new controller duplicate the existing range of EPOS4 products. Suitable for use with both brushed DC and brushless EC motors (BLDC) of up to 120 W the motor controller has comprehensive feedback options such as Hall sensors, as well as digital incremental and SSI absolute encoders. State-of-the art concepts such as Dual Loop, Field Oriented Control (FOC), feed forward, and observer control allow optimal control in a wide variety of applications.

The existing digital and analog inputs and outputs are configurable and ideally matched to the numerous functions and operating modes of the CiA-402 positioning controller. The intuitive EPOS Studio start-up software, as well as libraries and programming examples for integration in a wide variety of master systems, are available free of charge and make operation as easy as possible. A plug-and-play EvaluationBoard (EB) is provided for initial commissioning. The offer is rounded out by a comprehensive scope of accessories and detailed product documentation.

The first derivative of this new micro design is the CANopen version, which can also be addressed via RS232 or USB, as usual. In Autumn 2020, the EPOS4 Micro 24/5 EtherCAT will follow as a second product of similarly small size.

Visit for the latest updates about EPOS and individual devices, EPOS Studio, as well as all downloads and technical documentation.

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