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maxon motor who already manufacture ceramic planetary gearheads for use in conjunction with DC brushed and brushless motors (gear motors), have traditionally supplied these precision planetary units only as gearmotor combinations.
The increased efficiency and improved wear characteristics of maxon motor gear units have created a demand for them as stand alone items and not just in combination as a gearmotor.
Starting with the 22mm and 32mm ceramic planetary gearheads they are now available in double ended stand alone units. The 22mm gearhead has a 4mm hardened stainless steel shaft at both the input and output. The shaft can be configured with and without a flat. The 32mm version planetary gearhead has a 6mm hardened stainless steel shaft at both the input and output. Shaft modifications are also possible on request.
Reduction ratios on the smaller gearhead range from 3.8:1 through to a staggering 4592:1, the reduction range on the 32mm unit is even higher at 3.7:1 through to 6285:1.
Example applications that require such configurations are where engineers are using a DC motor as a generator or a Brushless DC motor as an alternator.
New energy experiments are requiring particular output power levels with extremely high or low input speeds. This requirement combined with space and weight restrictions has often been unachievable with the component commercially available. Especially given that gearing is often required and traditional planetary gearheads are not designed to be back driven. However new motor technology achieving levels over 700w from 32mm and a mass of only 730g or even 240w, 230g, 22mm can now be used as generators with a wide rage of input speeds by simply turning the gearhead around. The ceramic planetary gearheads have high natural efficiencies and the motors are zero gogging with no electromagnetic detent. The results are some of the smallest generator and alternator units with low mass, low mechanical friction,low inertia and highest efficiency available. 
For more information on these application specific gearing solutions please do not hesitate to contact maxon motor Australia.

To support maxon motor’s high precision and highly dynamic drive systems, there is a range of DC power supplies available for selection. The stock range of power supplies has been specifically selected to suit the demanding requirements of maxon motor’s dynamic motor control units.

The enclosed DC power supplies range from 15W to 750W with an output voltage range from 3.3Vdc to 48Vdc. The DC power supplies feature universal front-end AC or High Voltage DC inputs, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection. These power supplies have all been 100% full load burn-in tested before leaving the factory, and have all been approved to UL, cUL, TUV, CB and CE standards.

The operating temperature range for these power supplies is between -20’C to +70’C and have high MTBF figures. The output voltage can be adjusted +/- 10% according to the application needs. The remote ON/OFF and remote sensing functions are included on the higher power rating units. They come with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Now available from maxon motor Australia a range of flexible couplings to compliment its brushed and brushless drive system range. The flexible couplings enable customers to quickly adapt maxon motor products to the application while permitting some degree of radial, axial, and angular misalignment or end movement or both. It gives customers the ability for quick disconnection for repairs or replacements and also helps to reduce the shock load transmission from one shaft to the other.

The flexible couplings are a clamp style coupling and are constructed with aluminum alloy. The couplings are available in various diameters and various bore sizes on both ends. The flexible couplings available from maxon motor have features such as high-rigid, high torque, low inertia, low backlash, high deflection and are suitable for various maxon motor brushed or brushless drive systems.

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