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Small DC motor and ceramic linear positioning system

Precision ceramic spindles have re-defined small motor positioning systems. This latest example of precision linear positioning with the use of DC motor and encoder technology also uses ground ceramic surfaces that provide silky smooth motion almost completely devoid of the slip stick phenomenon.

Ceramics now play a key role in positioning systems that require high accuracy and efficiency from DC motor and gearhead driven systems. The maxon motor ceramic linear drives feature a specially developed ceramic glide surface (CGS) that gives longer lifespans in automation systems with dynamic sliding movements. The linear systems with ceramic components are suitable in areas of strong electric fields or vacuum. The hardness and surface structure of the CGS improves wear resistance over traditional materials also. Power transmission or chemically aggressive environments, cleanrooms, high ambient temperatures or simply long life can be application requirements that need the advantages of ceramic materials. The zirconia also shares many properties with steel such as elasticity and expansion. Because of this it can also be used within the gearhead alongside traditional steels and even the DC motor shaft is often ceramic enabling commutation components to be embedded into the nonconductive material providing smaller and more robust systems.

maxon motor Australia can provide engineering assistance to custom manufacture precision ceramic linear positioning systems. Contact our Sydney office on +61 2 9476 4777.


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Robocup 2014

Robocup 2014 is a robotics competition attended by more than 2000 researchers and students from all over the world. In the past maxon motor has been pleased to be associated with Robocup. In 2013, Nirmal Giftsun and Alexander Moriarty from the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, University of Applied Sciences, entered their youBot, containing flat motors by maxon motor, in the Robocup@work category. The youBot was a fully autonomous robotic using only sensors and algorithms to find certain objects on an obstacle course and return them to a designated area.

Small DC servo motors extended encoder range

Configurable online, shipped in 11 days and now with the addition of the 2RMHF and SCH16F encoder range.

The maxon DCX motors are growing increasingly popular because of the ground-breaking online configuration and automated production facility. It allows a customer to directly modify the features of the motor and select various gearhead and encoder options. The selectable range of encoders has just increased with the new 3 channel range of optical 2RMF and SCH sensors. Once the encoder is selected the resolution option is given with selectable counts per turn from 3000 to 5000. The encoders feature a wide input voltage range from 4.5 to 30V DC. The output signal is EIA standard RS422 using an 26C31 driver. With the configuration tool you can select a low backlash gearhead or maxon can supply zero backlash high reduction gearheads that when used in conjunction with the 5000cpt will give you a 20,000 quad count position capability. Multiply this by the gearhead ratio selection and the result is an extremely accurate positioning drive.






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