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Maxon DC motors for specialist medical equipment in a biohazard environment.

An Australian company designed and manufactured specialist equipment for use in a mortuary.

An Australian company has designed and manufactured a specialist trolley for use in a mortuary. The design incorporates matching motor and gearbox technologies from maxon partners KAG and Apex Dynamics. The robust DC motor manufactured by KAG was a perfect match with the Apex Dynamics high precision Spiral Bevel Gearbox. Unique considerations for the gear-motor combination such as IP ratings, axial and radial loadings, and corrosive environment were important in this specialist application. The gearbox features a high mechanical rigidity with a single piece construction, precision ground gear sets to optimise efficiency, low backlash and were sealed and lubricated for life.

For more information on DC motors for specialist medical equipment applications please contact maxon motor Australia on Tel +61 2 9457 7477.


More to choose from with maxon’s online custom design tool

maxon motor has added sterilisable brushless DC motors and gearheads to their online configurator.

An expanded product range on the maxon online configurator means that engineers and product developers can configure a range of high speed sterilisable DC motors and gearheads. Alongside this option are more DC motor sizes to choose from (from the ECX SPEED range) and the option of ceramic bearings. Tailor the DC motor to the application’s specific requirements such as shaft, flanges, electrical connections, ceramic bearings or the addition of gearhead and/ or encoder. The GPX SPEED gearheads have a special sealed design and are sterilisable up to 2,000 autoclave cycles. Maxon’s automated processes guarantee production within 11 working days.

For application assistance or advice on DC motors, gearheads and accessories call maxon motor Australia on tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

Subsea thruster – new performance levels

maxon motors brushless DC subsea thruster and submersible actuators update.

maxon motor produce a range of underwater actuators and subsea thrusters for the oil and gas industry and general ROV applications. They utilise maxon brushless DC motors and planetary gearheads submerged in oil filled housings to achieve ground-breaking performance when used submerged in water. Three sizes have received updated performance levels. The 20, 30 and 40mm diameter units. The standard propellers are an effective compromise between high bollard thrust and high efficiency. maxon motor can also provide calculations for optimisation of the propeller thrust in each application. Starting with the 20mm thruster, it is fitted with a standard option 50mm diameter 3-blade propeller. It can produce peaks of over 2.5kg thrust and has a weight in air of 290g and 145g in water. The 30mm can produce over 5kg of thrust from an 80mm propeller weighing in at 450g in air and 262g in water. The 40mm with a 110mm propeller achieves over 11kg thrust peaks. All units are recommended for oil filling with Panolin HLP Synth 15 and are fitted with industry standard Subconn connectors. Pressure compensation is achieved vial optional compensation modules recommended for each thruster size.

maxon motor Australia can assist with refining a brushless DC subsea thruster to suit your application requirements. Contact us on +61 2 9457 7477.

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