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maxon Australia sponsors Fort St. High School at RoboCup Junior Competition

The 2018 Junior RoboCup Competition was a success for the teams from Fort St High School and maxon were proud to be on board.

maxon motor Australia were delighted to sponsor Fort St. High School in this year’s Robocup Junior competition. The team competed in two divisions; Rescue, where robots navigate an obstacle course to locate and rescue a victim, and Soccer, where four robots contest each other in a game of soccer.

Fort St. High School have extensively used maxon DC motors particularly the DCX 19S and A-Max motors, selected for their excellent power-torque ratio. The A-Max motors proved useful in Open Rescue, being used as part of a claw mechanism due to the high torque and thus grip. The DCX19S were used in the Open Soccer robots.

At the NSW State Competition, the School teams achieved excellent placings:

  • 2nd Open Rescue: Mars Rover
  • Rescue Innovation Award: Mars Rover
  • Rescue Innovation Award: PATANEtial Nationals

And at Nationals (Melbourne) the School received the Award for Best Robot Design for Open Rescue: Mars Rover.

maxon is proud of the achievements of all of the students that entered the competition and recognises the hard work and dedication from the teams and teachers, and all supporters who help to invest in the engineers of the future.

For more information please contact maxon motor Australia tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon motor Australia welcomes new expert

With a focus on research and motor controller integration, Dr Carlos Bacigalupo has joined maxon motor’s Sydney office.

Maxon motor Sydney is delighted to announce the addition of Dr Carlos Bacigalupo to their team. His responsibilities as Head of Research and Development include the expansion of maxon’s software and robotic systems with a particular focus on the integration with existing systems.

Today’s requirements are more complex for motors. Diagnostics, networking or functional safety are becoming increasingly relevant. The advanced customisation and integration of maxon’s controllers offer broader functionality and flexibility of use.

For over 25 years, maxon motor has offered a complete controller portfolio covering simple current and speed control to highly dynamic and motor-integrated controllers. There is also a focus on the area of motion and dynamic control for both, brushed and brushless DC motors.

Dr Bacigalupo’s professional background includes international business development, software engineering, project management and scientific research. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Buenos Aires, a combined Honours Degree in Advanced Science from the University of Bristol and Macquarie University, and a PhD in Astrophysics from Macquarie University in Sydney. He joins maxon from his most recent position in the Astronomical Instrumentation Industry. He has been involved in the development of world class astronomical instruments for over 10 years. Some of his projects include the HERMES spectrograph, currently observing over a million stars using the largest optical telescope in Australia, the automation of the Macquarie University observatory and the development of the controlling software of the Taipan instrument aimed to increase the precision of the measured rate of expansion of the Universe.

For further information please contact maxon motor Australia tel. + 61 2 9457 7477.

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