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maxon DC motors in the ReWalk Exo-skeleton.

An Israeli company, ReWalk Robotics, have developed an Exo-skeleton specifically helping quadriplegic people to walk again.

In 2003, Andre van Rϋschen was involved in a car accident that left him a paraplegic. Fast forward to 2012, Andre applied to be a test person for ReWalk’s Exo-skeleton in their London training camp. Andre learned to stand, climb steps, run and turnaround – an incredible feat for someone who was told they’d be confined to a wheelchair for life.

The Exo-skeleton has a controller that looks like a wristwatch. It’s a mechatronic support and movement system that works via a shifting of weight. The motors perform the movement of the hips and knees and it is here that there are four maxon brushed DC motors and gearheads. The RE40 DC motors with a planetary gearhead are designed for up to five years of service or 1,000,000 steps. Made with ceramic components to extend the service life of the motors they had to be 100% reliable, low maintenance and powerful yet small. The ReWalk is not only giving Andre the ability to walk – he meets people at eye level again and has his independence back.

For more information on maxon DC motors in medical applications please call +61 2 9457 7477.

Exoskeleton watch device

The Exo-skeleton controller (above) and frame (below) by ReWalk © 2016 maxon motor ag

image description

Andre Van Ruschen walking downstairs

Andre van Ruschen © 2016 maxon motor ag

Award for excellence.

maxon motor Australia received a global award for excellence in customer service.

The award recognised the technical efforts of a customised and specific motor combination for a maxon motor Australia customer. Reaching beyond the design of the motor, the support levels and engineering consultation throughout design and construction was the basis for the award.

The motors in the customer’s design were from the brushless flat motor range with a bespoke integrated control unit, custom oil sealing, customised encoder feedback and a series of specific flex print cable looms to perfectly integrate with the customers equipment. Follow up engineering support in both hardware and software have been provided free of charge to the customer for over two years following product release which highlights maxon motor Australia’s exemplary support levels.

For simple or complex motor, gearhead and/ or encoder combinations please contact +61 2 9457 7477.



The Silver Excellence Award and trophy. maxon motor AG 2015.

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