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maxon brushless DC motors with encoder in a device for rehabilitation patients.

A maxon brushless DC motor and encoder are the driving force behind a medical device providing therapy for patients who are in need of muscular rehabilitation.

Two Swiss Robotic engineers developed a training device for patients undergoing rehabilitation, eg recovering from strokes or those with neuro-muscular or orthopedic conditions. The Allegro is essentially a leg press machine, controlled by a maxon brushless DC motor that activates a safety stop – the stand-out feature of the Allegro that certifies it as a medical device. By pressing or pulling in their legs, the patient manouveres a moving object to stay as close as possible to a line on the monitor. The computer then adjusts the level of resistance forcing the patient to exert more or less effort. The stop automatically adjusts, preventing the machine from going past a certain angle protecting the user especially those who have limited mobility.

100% reliability is a critical factor of the DC motor drives. “With a maxon motor, we can be certain that this requirement is being fulfilled” said Max Lungarella, co-founder of the company that makes the Allegro, Dynamic Devices AG.

Another feature of the Allegro is a maxon flat brushless motor with an outside rotor that automatically adjusts the seat position. This was achieved by combining the brushless DC motor with a planetary drive and ESCON 50/5 controller. The maxon brushless motors and controllers are a key component of the rehabilitation machine that simultaneously trains both mind and body.

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The Allegro is increasingly used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.  Image © Dynamic Devices.


The maxon EC 45 flat motor This brushless DC motor with a diameter of 45 millimeters excels through high torque density and a compact design.


The maxon ESCON 50/5 module, suitable for the efficient control of brushed and brushless DC motors.

High torque low speed DC motor – custom made.

68mm diameter brushless flat motor with customisations for high torque and low speed making it suitable for accurate positioning requirements.

This new brushless DC flat motor is 68mm diameter and only 38mm long delivering 100W of power on a controlled 24V supply. The design is unique in that it combines a 14 pole motor wound in a three phase configuration that delivers a high torque and low speed. This brushless DC motor is also unique in that it has a 4096 count per turn encoder built inside the motor that does not contribute any additional length. Acting as a torque multiplier is a 42mm 936:1 ceramic planetary gearhead. In this example we have shown a version with a customised shaft that has both been turned down in diameter and machined with an additional flat. The gearhead ratio combined with the encoder resolution gives a position resolution of 3.8 million counts per revolution. This high torque and high positioning resolution makes the brushless motor  suitable for positioning of heavy loads in the manufacturing industry or also for the accurate control of sensors or valves in fluid handling processes.

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High torque low speed dc motor servo actuator © 2015 maxon motor.

Sterilisable 30mm brushless DC motor for surgical hand tools

This 30mm diameter 4 pole brushless DC motor can be sterilised up to 2000 times and delivers over 100mNm of continuous torque and up to 25,000rpm.

maxon motor has released a new high speed brushless DC motor suitable for surgical tools.  All stainless steel construction, specialist seals and up to 2000 autoclave cycles. Its rotor is hermetically sealed making it suitable for orthopedic drills, saws and surgical reamers.

The motor is constructed with a coreless rhombic maxon winding that achieves an 88% efficiency. The coreless motor design also gives a linear torque to current constant making short term high torque requirements easy to manage without thermal overload.

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High Speed sterilisable Brushless DC medical motor © 2015 maxon motor.

Compact yet powerful gear that transmits power at a 90 degree angle.

The Right Angle Spiroid ® Gear has been developed by maxon precision motors in the USA.

The prototype will fit maxon motors 22mm and 32mm DC motors. The lightweight gearhead has a unique technology, called Spiroid ®, which is designed to achieve maximum torque with applications that have minimal space.

This special gear was developed with quiet operation and low backlash, high stiffness / low deflection with large applied loads, is compact in size, has up to 3:1 “gear teeth” contact ratio, with both back-drivable (4:1 ratio) & non-back drivable (31:1 ratio) versions, extremely high torque transmission and has High Torque to Space Ratio (HTSR) technology.

The gearhead is available in either a 4:1 or 31:1 ratio. It was designed to be mounted to specific brushed and brushless DC motors (the 22 and 32mm) or it can be configured with the GP22 and GP32 planetary gearheads, ensuing a wide range of gear reductions.

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The Right Angle Spiroid® Gear Available in 22mm and 32mm diameters. © 2015 by maxon precision motors, inc.

DC motors from maxon for smooth movement.

This walking robot has been modelled from a stick insect and is built with 18 brushless EC45 flat maxon motors. The DC motors produce a smooth stride and remarkable ability to adapt to uneven ground.


Pictured here is the robot called Hector (HExapod Cognitive auTonomously Operating Robot) built with 18 brushless EC45 flat maxon motors. The stand-out features are the flexible joints and lightweight frame weighing in at 12kgs. Within each leg is the maxon DC motor drive, all controlled simultaneously by algorithms and responsible for the robots smooth walking motion.

The robot was developed by the Biomechatronics research group within Bielefeld University (Germany), headed up by Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider. A unique aspect of the design is the assortment of incorporated sensors and specially designed DC motor drives that work together simultaneously to adapt to various terrains while on the move.

What was needed from the DC motors was a high torque performance from a lightweight and small unit. “The motors also had to be as short as possible, because the resulting length of the overall drive limits the legs’ range of motion, among other things. This is why we chose the EC 45 flat 50 W” said Jan Paskarbeit, from part of the team that created Hector. The research group plans to use Hector to explore further theories for controlling flexible motion-controlled robotic systems.

To see Hector in motion, please click here. For more information please contact +61 2 9457 7477.


Above: The brushless EC 45 flat motor drive delivers 50 W of power, at a diameter of 45 mm. The drive delivers high torque and needs very little installation space. © maxon motor.


Above: Drive unit with integrated electronics.  Each leg of the walking robot Hector has three joints, so that the movements of 18 joints have to be controlled simultaneously. Each leg is powered by three of these elastic units with integrated electronics. © maxon motor.

When that extra dose of torque is necessary.

maxon motors planetary, spur and special gearheads perfectly compliment our motors.
When performance is required at high torque levels and correspondingly low speeds, maxon precision gearheads are in their element. In addition to a wide standard range of spur and planetary gearheads, maxon motor also excels in providing customised solutions, tailored to the customer’s requirements. Cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes are used.

The gearheads are adapted to the applicable motors on-site in the manufacturing plant, further improving the gearhead performance.

For more information on the range of gearheads available at maxon motor and in the on-line shop please visit our website or call +61 2 9457 7477.


High torque planetary gearboxes for DC brushed and brushless motors.

Brushed and brushless DC motors now accessible from your smartphone.

Access the all-important details of brushed and brushless DC motors from your smartphone. Content is now configured for easy viewing on your android, iPhone or Windows device.

Now available for when you are on the go you can easily view application stories, news, exhibitions, company profile, worldwide office contacts and product overviews.

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View the range of maxon DC brushed and brushless motors from your smartphone.

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