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ROVs controlled from your smartphone.

An ROV that takes live video and underwater pictures and streams them directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The brainchild of Aquabotix Technology Corporation, the HydroView ROV was designed with user friendly functionality for widespread accessibility. Operated by tilting the device similar to playing a video game, the ease of control with accurate underwater movement was a blueprint essential, as well as intuitive operation and user-friendly interface for quick uptake. Weighing less than 5kg total the motion system consists of thee propellers each run by a separate brushed maxon DC motor. The maxon A-max DC motor has low vibration and is smooth running. The specifications were tailored to a longer motor shaft which typically would intensify vibrations created from within the motor. Vibrations compromise the video recording, can trigger system leaks and deteriorate the electronics and drive functions. Not only does the A-max DC motor withstand vibrations but it provides high torque and is physically small. The 26mm motors are lightweight and proficient, operating from 10 volts for up to three-hours operation on a full battery. The two DC motors placed on either side of the ROV control the speed up to 3 knots. The third DC motor is on the back of the ROV providing depth control up to 45 metres.

For more information on DC motors for use in ROV applications please contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.

Amax26_V_195px1  HydroView-underwater2.jpg

The maxon A-max 26 Ø26 mm graphite brushes 7w and the HydroView ROV © 2016 maxon motor ag.


First ECX DC motor delivered in Australia.

The first of maxon motor’s new line of high speed brushless DC motors was delivered to an Australian university this week.

As an expansion of the new range of DC motors that are customised online using a special web tool, maxon motor have released a series of high speed brushless motors that can be configured on the same platform. The motor pictured is capable of 60,000rpm and 216W from a 22mm diameter and 60mm length. The quality of the construction can be clearly viewed, however it is on test that the design shows its capabilities with extremely low noise at very high speeds. Power density is also very high on the motor with the mass at only 140g. In many applications such as specialised hand tools, industrial robotics, electronics manufacturing and fluid control, high power densities are only achieved in the correct form factor with high speed brushless motors and controllers. The high speeds have traditionally made it difficult to get ‘useable’ levels because power transmission devices such as planetary gearheads have not been able to accept the high speeds at their input. This is why maxon engineers have developed a new gearhead with up to 50,000rpm possible at the input. The new designs now mean converting the high speeds into high torques is now possible in an even smaller package.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

DC servo linear actuation – made to order.

This long ball screw linear actuator driven by a DC servo motor and gearhead is the latest example that shows maxon motor’s ability to provide tailored solutions. Recently supplied by maxon motor in Australia, the unit is made of a high grade stainless steel ball screw, integrated thrust block bearing system, planetary gearhead and DC servo motor.

With a mechanical positioning accuracy of 0.037mm, a 133mm/s linear speed and a rating of over 1000N of mechanical intermittent force over its 600mm length, the device is compact and powerful. The bearing system allows both push and pull at the same rating and maxon are able to manufacture the unit with a linear length to suit the application. Electrically driving the ball screw with a detent free DC servo motor allows the movement of the load to be controlled precisely and smoothly. Based on the pitch of the ball screw and the positioning resolution required, the DC motor can be fitted with high resolution digital encoders and can be controlled with either full position controllers or servo amplifiers within a position control loop. This example is being used with current control of the DC servo motor giving a proportionally controlled force over the movement range. With adjustability of the motor winding, gearhead ratio, actuator pitch and travel length a combination of components can be specified to give the most compact and appropriate servo system.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.

maxon brushed DC motors in miniature model trains.

These model railway trains aren’t for sitting in the trophy cabinet. The models are exact, albeit mini, replicas of Swiss trains. The maxon brushed DC motors in the trains are robust, withstanding high temperatures and overvoltage without interruption.

Maxon A-max brushed DC motors and DCX motors are particularly selected in these model trains. Built by a Swiss company, the motors were selected for their robust operation and ability to withstand heat and overvoltage. The motors ease of control also fits with digital technology that is becoming more apparent in model rail-making. With arduous demands placed on the motors they to live up to the models reputation of premium quality and trustworthy mechanics.

The brushed A-max DC motors offer excellent value for money with their automated production and optimised design. In sizes ranging from 12mm to 32mm and 0.5 to 20W of power. The A-max series longevity proves its reliability. The newer DCX range of motors are increasingly used in the models, offering diameters of 10mm to 35mm, low noise, high-torque, high-quality and ability to be configured online and ready for delivery within 11 working days. Select from graphite and precious metal brushes, sintered and ball bearings amongst many other customisable features.

For more information on brushed DC motors for miniature applications contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.


The maxon A-max 22 motor provides 6 W power and is equipped with graphite brushes. Automated processes are one of the secrets behind the excellent price-performance ratio of the brushed A-max DC motor. © 2016 maxon motor.


The maxon DCX 22 motor is made of high-grade materials. This ensures best quality and performance. This brushed DC motor pictured provides 14 W of power (graphite brushes).© 2016 maxon motor.

maxon launches unparalleled number of new DC drive systems.

Available in the maxon online catalogue is a bounty of new DC motors, gearheads and controllers.

@maxonmotorUK summed it up perfectly in the latest edition of e-news. R&D is a crucial component of maxon’s innovation strategy and we invest heavily in researching, developing, manufacturing and bringing to market new products. April is a bumper month and we are proud to present the following new designs:

NEW The family of ECX SPEED brushless DC motors is being expanded to include the ECX SPEED 22 and ECX SPEED 22 High Power BLDC motors and the GPX SPEED 19 and 22 planetary gearheads.

NEW EC-I 52 high torque motor. Diameter of 52 mm and a length of 80 mm provides an impressive continuous torque of 417mNm.

NEW High Power planetary gearheads. We recently launched the High Power versions of the GPX 22 and GPX 32. This is now followed with the 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm and 26 mm versions.

NEW brushed DC-max 26 S available with graphite or precious metal commutation.

These products are available in the online catalogue

If you’re based in Australia, speak to a sales engineer locally for information on any of the above products Tel. +61 2 9457 7477.

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