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maxon motor and KAG now in partnership

The products range from small 2.5W DC motors all the way up to custom designed, heavy industrial, complete mechatronic systems. In 2004 they built a state of the art in house laboratory to assist with DC motor design and development. The equipment and expertise are constantly upgraded, calibrated and fine tuned to stay the leading edge of technology. In this facility they use specially developed DC motor testing processes, electrical and mechanical simulation tools as well as extensive DC motor prototyping and test equipment, to provide theoretical findings and practical results for the motors in the shortest possible time. This modern facility is now enabling the company to economically design and test motors for the most specialised and demanding industrial applications worldwide.

As well as small DC servo motors KAG has a wide selection of gears including planetary, worm and spur. KAG focuses on developing and producing small and powerful dc drives for very special fields of application, for example: medical technology motors, DC Gearmotors for domestic services engineering, motor controlled fluid mechanics, the automotive industry, office communications, automatic machines and mechanical engineering.

With a 160-strong team under the direction of innovative CEO Matthias Kählig they successfully develop and economically produce DC mechatronic systems, DC motors and DC motor control units that are cost-effective and innovative, there is a small DC servo motor or gearhead to suit any application.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance on +61 2 9476 4777

ESCON – Auto tuning mode

How to perform Auto Tuning with the ESCON Studio

ESCON Firmware update

How to perform the Firmware Update Tool with the ESCON Studio

ESCON Diagnostics Tutorial

How to perform the diagnostics tool on the ESCON studio

maxon ESCON Controller

New brushless DC motor controller that has maximum performance, control properties, and wide range of functions. In stock in Australia.

This brushless DC motor controller is the latest release in the ESCON family. The 36/3 servo controller featuring an easy to use interface and excellent performance characteristics.This miniaturised Brushless DC motor control unit that compared with it’s predecessors, has even better performance. It enables the setup of cost effective motion systems that only need to use hall sensors for feedback and still achieving full four quadrant control

Small DC servo motor with high resolution encoder and planetary + spiroid gear combination.

maxon motor Australia have just implemented the first combination of a small PMDC servo motor with a dual gearhead combination using both planetary and Helicon technology. The application is a gyro stabilised cinematography camera mount with three degrees of freedom.

The customer required both inline and right angle gearboxes for the different axis but also needed the same ratio throughout. Worm gearheads could not be used because of their inherently low efficiency and a helical of the correct ratio would be too large for the torque requirements. The solution was to use a combination of a ceramic planetary gearhead and the new spiroid gearhead technology. The multiplication of the two gearbox efficiencies is an impressive 72% while the equivalent ratio in a single ceramic planetary is only marginally better at 75%. The single helicon tooth form in itself has an efficiency of 90% Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance. Ph:+61 2 9476 4777

Medical grade DC servomotors and gearboxes.

13485 certified small DC servo motors produced by maxon medical.

maxon medical is a separate business division of maxon motor and it is focused specifically on producing brushed and brushless DC motor and drive systems of premium quality to fully satisfy medical industry demands. The maxon medical motor production is certified to ISO13485. Maxon medical brushed and brushless small DC servo motors are used in prosthetics, surgery tools, ventilation devices, CPAP machines and laboratory equipment. maxon medical DC motors even implanted into the human body. At the new medical motor manufacturing facility the DC motor components are manufactured on in-house designed equipment that is often also powered by maxon motors. These production facilities are a clean room environment and all production personnel are highly trained technicians.

The latest product to join our medical range is the 4 mm brushless DC micromotor and gearhead.  The general problem with micro drives is that the power output is too low for the application, due to the physical dimensions. maxon medical was able to increase the performance of this tiny motor using the latest winding technology, the most powerful magnets and optimum use of the air gap. The integration of Hall sensors is also unique for motors of this size.

The 4 mm brushless DC motor is a great fit for applications in the fields of micro pumps, analytic and diagnostic devices, ophthalmic surgical devices, laboratory robots, endoscopes and anywhere where size is an issue.

maxon explored the limits of the technical possibilities and is setting new benchmarks. With the innovative platform, we have created the prerequisites for opening up future oriented fields of application.

EC 4

Pipe inspection with top power density.

Pipe inspection with top power density.

Imagine the drain is clogged and not a single drop is flowing down any more. A common problem – the cause can be hidden in the far corners of a sewage system. This is where inspection robots come into play to hunt for the cause. Motors by maxon motor provide the robotic vehicles with a precision drive, among other uses.

Robots are increasingly being used for fully automated tasks that are too dangerous, monotonous or when it would be unreasonable to ask a human to perform the task. For example, today innovative systems such as inspection robots for sewage ducts are used worldwide for high-precision damage detection. There are even inspection robots that can climb 90 m high onto wind turbines to inspect the rotor blades of the wind energy generators. Underground sewage pipelines that stretch across many kilometres are also highly complex systems. These systems have to function reliably at all times. Regular inspection is therefore mandatory, to avoid damage caused by corrosion, cracks and mechanical wear. Yet the narrow, labyrinthine sewer systems are frequently inaccessible for humans – this is where only technical equipment can save the day.

Today many different devices are available, for everything from inspections to remedying faults and breakdowns. Depending on the type of application, the sewer robots come in different sizes and with different tools and other specific features. From simple inspection units to complete systems, iPEK International GmbH based in Sulzberg (Germany) and Hirschegg (Austria) provides a wide range of robots for pipe and sewer inspections. The company, which was founded in 1988, develops camera systems and driving units for sewer inspection, for example the modular “ROVION®” inspection system.

maxon motors in space again

SpaceX´s Dragon cargo capsule reached the International Space Station on Sunday, officials say.

After “an issue with propellant valve”, the spacecraft finally lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Friday morning.

The unmanned capsule is carrying more than 1,200 pounds of supplies for the crew and the crew´s experiments. The delivery flight was the second resupply mission by the private company under a contract with NASA.

maxon EC motors were used on the voyage to the ISS to rotate the solar arrays  to keep them aligned with the sun as Dragon orbited the earth, open the instrument bay door which contains navigation equipment, and lock in place the fixture that allows Dragon to be grappled by the space station’s robotic arm.

Electrifying performance from small DC servo motors.

This new and highly customised small DC servo motor demonstrates the capability of maxon motor to develop solutions for very difficult requirements.

There are maxon motors everywhere around you, in your car, home appliances, taking care of your money, drilling for oil and even exploring Mars. It’s the last examples here that show how small DC servo motors are becoming more and more specialised. The latest in the list of specialist motor applications is the world’s un-quenching thirst for electricity. The constant demand for more power results in continual power network upgrades. However installing more cables on a 500kV line without interrupting supply is not so easy – unless you get a robot to do it. Building the robot then becomes the challenge and the DC servo motor requirements were not trivial either… “We are looking for a small lightweight DC servo motor solution with 50rpm and 15Nm of torque.” At this point the sales engineer thought “ok, easy so far” But then comes the “Oh and also, in the event of an emergency or system malfunction we need to disengage the motor and gearhead with a clutch mechanism, so we also need a shaft that is 145mm long and the motor and gearbox can only be around 100mm long. We would also need a specific connector and a specific cable length. Oh yes I almost forgot, we need it to operate in an extra high voltage environment.” But maxon motor thrives on meeting tough requirements. Solution: maxon brushless DC flat servo motor, the EC 45 Flat 70W 24Vdc fitted with a custom 150mm ribbon cable, custom connector fitted to a 42mm Ceramic Planetary Gearhead with a ratio of 126:1 featuring a custom machined 145mm output shaft, custom machined final stage planet carrier and planet pins, ISO 2491-A4x4x20 key size, machined keyway Located 14mm from shaft end. …Easy if you say it fast. It is not only ground-breaking in terms of customisations but it is also an example of extreme power density. Maxon motor was able to deliver this exceptional servo motor unit with its associated motor controller for under $1000 dollars in 8 weeks.


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