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Robotically assisted neurosurgery.

A new article from maxon motor UK reports on an application using a brushless DC motor for brain surgery with some truly strange inspiration.

Nature inspires many technological innovations and this application is an extreme example. Containing a maxon brushless DC motor and position control unit, biomedical engineers were inspired by the egg laying process of wasps to develop a steerable needle.

Enabling deep brain access without harming vulnerable sections in the insertion path, the flexible surgical tool is segmented with an interlocking mechanism and can change directions using a bevel tip that is programmable via the maxon brushless motor position controller.

The full news article can be found on the maxon motor UK website.

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The bionic model.

Rebekah Marine walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. What’s so inspiring is that Rebekah was the first to do so wearing her prosthetic i-limb.

It’s not every day you see a model with a bionic arm sashay down the runway at New York Fashion Week. But that’s exactly what Rebekah Marine, 28, did. Born without a right forearm she has refused to let this hold her back. Challenging stereotypes and proudly wearing her prosthetic, the i-limb quantum, Rebekah also publicly appeals for more tolerance in the modelling industry.

The groundbreaking limb was made by British Manufacturer Touch Bionics. The strong, powerful yet smooth movements in the prosthetic feature maxon DC motors and planetary gearheads. It is the first and only upper-limb prosthesis that enables the user to change grips by performing a simple gesture. This control is automated and allows for the change between the grip by moving the i-limb quantum in one of 4 pre-programmed directions.

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The I-limb quantum, by Touch Bionics.

DC servo gearmotor customised for underwater ROV use.

A dedicated DC motor design for the tight application requirements of an underwater ROV application.

The example servo motor and gearhead solution shown here has been optimised for very specific application requirements for an underwater robot. Low speed under pressure was required for the fine manipulation of devices external to the remote operating vehicle, resulting in a high planetary gearhead reduction ratio selection of 936:1. However for extremely low speed operation it is often the case that the reduction ratio does not slow down the motor speed enough. To overcome this next hurdle a 60V DC winding has been specified even though the system voltage is 24V. From here the speed controller further reduces the motor speed. End result; 0.001 revolutions per minute. (or 1.44 revolutions per day). Even though the entire case bearing shaft and keyway are made from stainless steel the shaft has also been customised with a 50mm length and a keyway isolated to the tip as much as possible to allow clear space for shaft labyrinth seals that provide additional protection. Laser etching of the custom parameters and the customers details on the body of the motor assists with identification long into the future. The complete DC servomotor and planetary gearhead incorporating the customisations was produced in under two weeks.

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DC servo gearmotor customised for underwater ROV © maxon motor

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