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Mini DC electric linear actuator.

The smallest DC powered electric linear actuators with features customised to suit your application are available in Australia.

Pictured below is a completely customised miniature electric linear actuator for positioning tasks. By combining a 16mm 60W 24V brushless DC motor with an integrated radial and axial thrust block bearing system, the shaft is then manufactured directly as a ball screw assembly. Despite the tiny dimensions available with motor diameters as low as 6mm the units can deliver high linear forces. This 16mm ball screw version delivered to an Australian customer this week has a force delivery capability of 403N. Combined with the brushless motors high speed capability having the ability to accelerate to 12,000rpm in under 2ms the actuator is also extremely dynamic. The motor is fitted with an integrated digital encoder for detent free smooth positioning. The length of the ball screw and the nut details are all configurable to suit the machine design requirements.

Contact maxon motor Australia for assistance customising a DC linear actuator. Tel +61 2 9457 7477.


Try before you buy: the maxon motor BIKEDRIVE.

The first of its kind, BIKEDRIVE, is now available for rent at the maxon test center in Giswil, Obwalden.

maxon motor developed a powerful three-part drive system that is able to be fitted by Bike dealers to nearly every bike. The BIKEDRIVE is a powerful motor, battery and throttle grip that delivers nearly three times the propulsion than muscle power alone. The same principals were applied from the expertise gained in the maxon motor Mars/ Space division, making this specialised technology available to everyone. maxon’s BIKEDRIVE is a first in the e-bike field providing nearly 50 Nm torque, in a compact design (weighing less than 6kgs) and achieving nearly 90% efficiency.

A selection of bikes is available at the testing facility: freeride, mountain, fat and city bikes. Registration is open for a special session on September 24 with former downhill world champion Albert Iten, who mentored maxon in the development of the e-bike motor.

For more information please visit and see below details for the BIKEDRIVE test center.


maxon BIKEDRIVE Testcenter Giswil

Industriestrasse 24, 6074 Giswil
Opening hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. MO – FR, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. SA
Prices: ½ a day from CHF 25.- 1 day from CHF 32.-

+41 (41) 666 18 29

Cycling training with Albert Iten
September 24 and October 22, 2016
Reservation: +41 (41) 666 18 29

A look back: maxon DC motors in analogue tape recorders.

1977: The Commodore PET computer is first sold; Atari released its Video Computer system; The Porsche 928 is unveiled at the Geneva Motor show; and Uher-Werke released the SG 630 hi-fi tape recorder (with 4 maxon DC motors inside).

In the late ‘70s, maxon motor were consulted for their innovative DC motors for use in a hi-fi tape recorder. Two brushless DC motors operated the shaft that drove the tape head mechanism. What was considered 39 years ago to be cutting edge technology, was the two maxon DC motors that drove the large 27cm spools of tape. One motor constantly pulled the tape and the second motor slowed the tape down to avoid tangling the ribbon. The “new” ironless windings were praised for having low inertia compared to conventional motors of the time. A servo-gearhead motor was used for the “Omega-loop” of the tape to record the audio. In a few short years, this equipment was superseded by digital technology and eventually dropped off the market altogether. Maxon DC motors are still used in high-end record players, such as the Kronos, that has two maxon DC motors in the turntables.

For more information on maxon DC motors and servo gearheads please call +61 2 9457 7477.

Pictured above:  the Analog tape recorder by Uher-Werke circa 1977 © 2016 maxon motor ag

Pictured below: music technology has come a long way. Maxon DC motors are in the high-end Kronos turntable © 2016 maxon motor ag


maxon DC servo motors’ quality control system equals reliability you can trust.

A system that tracks and records every component manufactured in maxon DC servo motors.

How does maxon motor guarantee the top quality DC motors, gearheads and accessories that we manufacture? We hold ourselves accountable and our suppliers accountable. To ensure that only the best will do we implement quality control systems to track and trace 95% of the components used in our DC servo motors and drive systems. The tracking system meets customer and Standard Certification (EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001) requirements.

maxon DC motors are found in applications across industries such as medical, aerospace, industrial automation & robotics, instrumentation & inspection, consumer and oil & gas X_Drives_310px

The new maxon motor series X drives. © 2016 maxon motor ag.


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