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4mm brushless DC motor with medical approvals.

Small brushless DC motor sets new microdrive standards.

The smallest brushless DC motor from Swiss manufacturer maxon motor is now available in two lengths with 13485 medical approvals.

An ultra-compact brushless DC motor, the EC4, is the smallest motor manufactured by maxon motor. The two lengths have continuously rated power outputs of 0.5W and 1W. The tiny motors feature the maxon ironless winding technology and a robustness that make it suitable not only for medical applications but also for transportable devices. The brushless DC motor is available with a 4mm planetary gearhead that gives torque levels required for micro pumping, laboratory and sample handling devices. The ceramic componentry within the gearhead increases the product lifespan and strength. The high gearhead ratios coupled with the motor feedback create a positioning capable motor and gearhead combination suitable for applications requiring fine adjustment like lens focusing in handheld or laboratory devices.

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Ultra small brushless DC motors © 2015 maxon motor.


Ultra small brushless DC motor with gearhead  © 2015 maxon motor.

The end of an era – Last delivery of the maxon S motor.

Pictured here on the 1978 maxon motor catalogue front cover, the S series DC motor finally retires.

The last S type maxon DC motor delivery (also shown) heads out into the field. It seems like a trivial thing to pay homage at the discontinuation of a DC motor product, though this small DC motor has been an exception. Just like many classic technologies that we remember fondly from our past, to their creators they are part of the companies foundations. The apple 111 from 1981, The VCR from Phillips in 1972, The Sony Mavica camera and who can forget the classic 1973 Motorola mobile phones (bricks). These iconic products helped to create global brands for their inventors but none of them were manufactured for the almost 40 years that the maxon S motor can claim. Sure the motor has been surpassed by its modern replacements in terms of power density and production costs, however the quality and longevity of the motor even by today’s standards would still set a benchmark for many DC motor manufacturers.

The motor has been reliably used in far reaching applications from aerospace and medical devices to basic pumping and conveyor belt products. To many, just another product retirement; to maxon motor, it is the end of a fantastic era. But as always, the old fades away and in steps the new generation – the DCX motor. The old 2332 S motor achieving a modest 15W is today compared with a motor achieving 110W from the same diameter. We can only imagine the performance levels that will be achieved in the future.

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32mm S type DC motor on the 1978 catalogue cover © 2015 maxon motor


Last delivery in 2015 of the 32mm s type DC motor © 2015 maxon motor.

Game Changer – DC motors made to order and dispatched in 11 days.

 “game changer”, words from a happy customer who orders highly customised DC motors in small quantities.

The DCX DC motor range is continuing to expand based on the increasing popularity of the online motor customisation tool. The interactive web based configuration portal that allows a customer to change the motors shaft shape and dimensions, the gearhead features, the mounting holes, the winding and even the connectors has, to some customers, already become the standard method of purchasing DC motor combinations. The “build it and they will come” approach to this DC motor manufacturing technology is working. As more mechatronic and automation engineers use the technology the products available online expand. Recently we have seen the addition of 12mm, 14mm and 16mm micro DC motors and the possibility to “mix and match” different motor and gearhead diameters. Now going online are the new DC-max motors. A DC motor that will offer price performance ratios that the Swiss manufacturer maxon motor says are unrivalled in this highly specialised marketplace.

Contact maxon motor Australia Ph. +61 2 9457 7477.


Highly customised DC motor, gearhead and encoder © 2015 maxon motor.

Brushless DC motors help to spring clean Space.

Satellite technology is advancing at a rapid pace with the help of maxon DC motors. Coupled with the technological improvements in our lifestyle though is an issue that is fast needing attention.  Overcrowding in Space. Disposal of the satellites is complex however with the maxon brushless DC motor and innovative thinking, engineers have devised a novel way to safely clear the air.

Satellites orbit the Earth with a life-span of 10 to 20 years. After the mission is complete the satellite continues to orbit bringing a risk of collision and damage from fragments of expired satellites.  The Surrey Space Centre within the University of Surrey in England have developed a large sail that attaches to a satellite, able to withstand weights of up to 700kgs, called the Inflatesail.

There is a small inflatable mast that when deployed extends four carbon outriggers to stabilise the sail. The sail is unfolded by a maxon brushless DC motor, combined with a 16mm planetary gearhead. The sail basically pulls the satellite toward Earth until it reaches a point where it eventually burns up in the atmosphere.

With a diameter of 16mm the brushless DC drive has ceramic elements to protect the DC motor against decay and serve the lengthy life-span needed in specialist aerospace projects.

Currently in the testing phase, the first devices will be launched next year as part of the QB50 nanosatellite project. Using the solar winds the satellite will be thrust through space. After a period of one year the satellite will be controlled to safely crash and burn-up in the atmosphere and if successful, the Inflatesail could then be manufactured on a commercial basis.

For more information please contact +61 2 9457 7477.

BELOW: maxon brushless DC motor and maxon GP 16mm planetary gearhead featured in the Inflatesail.

ECmax16_long_195px GP16C_02_195px

Brushless DC motor in the sail extender. Image © Surrey Space Centre


New Product: Brushless DC motor with high resolution encoder.

maxon motor have released a new internal rotor brushless flat motor with a high resolution encoder.

The first of its kind delivered in Australia, this Brushless DC flat motor fitted with a 20,000 quad count high resolution encoder is perfect for position control. For use in applications in robotics, process control or manufacturing equipment. Also fitted with a 42mm ceramic planetary gearhead in ratios up to 936:1 this gives a raw positioning resolution of 0.00001923 degrees. This is well below the tolerances of most power transmissions, mechanical drivetrains or position controller capabilities. The brushless DC motor, gearhead and encoder combination pictured is only 42mm diameter and can deliver 15Nm continuously and 22.5Nm on an intermittent basis. The combination offers position holding capabilities and accurate control for low speed operation. The motor is robustly constructed with welded stainless steel flanges and housing.

For more information contact +61 2 9457 7477.


Brushless DC motor and high resolution encoder for positioning © 2015 maxon motor

Trend toward multipole brushless DC motors increases.

This 14 pole Brushless DC motor is one of the latest motor designs by maxon motor.

For almost any application from manufacturing equipment to medical devices, finding the correct balance on motor speed and torque is critical. The power density for brushless DC motors is not only improving but also the range of motors with different combinations of speed and torque. While a 2 pole brushless motor can give a high power level at a very high speed (an example being maxon motors 250W 25mm diameter 70,000rpm brushless DC motor); high speeds are often not able to be efficiently converted by planetary gearheads. Pancake style or brushless flat motors with external rotors (often called outrunners) are an excellent option for direct driving without the need for planetary gearheads, however application space constraints do not always allow for larger motor diameters. In steps the latest ECi motors that fill a sought after mid-point offering manageable speeds and very high torque levels for their diameter. The particular motor performance niche is achieved with a 14 pole inner rotor design.  The example pictured is only the second of its kind in Australia and also features a tiny 1024cpt encoder and a 42mm planetary gearhead.

Contact maxon motor Australia on +61 2 9457 7477.


Pictured above is the multipole brushless DC motor © 2015 maxon motor


Pictured above is the multipole brushless DC motor with encoder © 2015 maxon motor

Small Brushless DC maxon motors in a miniature cardiac pump.

With a span of just 6mm wide, the Aortix is an intra-aortic pump driven by small maxon brushless DC motors.  Discreet and non-invasive this was developed to provide long-term circulatory assistance to those affected by chronic heart failure.

A revolutionary motorised device with the potential to help more than two million people in the US alone has been developed over two years in conjunction with maxon motor health-science engineers.

Designed specifically for long-term use with the small brushless DC motors in mind, cardiologists are able to administer a discreet, low-risk procedure via a catheter in the femoral artery. As an alternative to bulky, larger surgical devices, the Aortix improves blood flow to critical organs such as the kidneys. The device conserves the energy of the heart by nearly 40% allowing for the heart to beat more efficiently and in-turn directly supporting the heart’s recovery after surgery.

Based on a customised, “tailor-made” maxon brushless DC motor, this was designed for the extreme efficiency at the motor core.  The brushless DC motor was specifically developed to extend the life of the battery and create minimal heat to ensure the circulating blood is not impeded in any way by this device.

For further information please visit or call +61 2 9457 7477.


The Aortix, driven by a maxon brushless DC motor (below)


Music driven by maxon DC motors.

This unique record player containing maxon DC motors has been designed to counter any vibrations from the turntables and deliver a crystal clear sound with no interference from operating noise.

What started out as a personal quest for music & sound perfection has ended in the development of a commercial high-end vinyl record player, the Kronos. For those who have the means, this is the envy of all players, with a price tag of more than $30k.

What sets the Kronos apart from other superior record players is found in the design. Two turntables are placed on top of each other and counter-rotate. This effectively rescinds even minor vibrations and combined with the four-point suspension guarantees smooth rotations.

Matching the ground-breaking design are the two maxon DC motors that power each disk. Married perfectly to the application, the DC motors are known for their small, adept and powerful performance.

For more information please contact a sales engineer on +61 2 9457 7477.

Verknüpfung mit kronos pro noir angle 2s_450px

Kronos record player

Verknüpfung mit DCX22L_Standardflansch_450px

the maxon DCX22 motor as featured in the Kronos record player

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