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Bring out the best in your DC motor with the right motor control.

For more than 25 years maxon motor have focused on motion control of brushed and brushless DC motors, evolving from stand-alone functionality to complete integrated drive systems.

Long gone are the days of placing a DC motor to run by itself in an application. Developments in technology, diagnostics, networking and efficient safety have contributed to the evolution of basic motor functionality to present-day complete small systems. To one end, maxon motor offer simple current & speed controllers and at the other end are controllers for high-performance torque, speed or position control as well as motor integrated devices. The new EPOS4 controller, released in April 2016, stands out from every other maxon DC motor position controller before it because of the controllers ability to achieve maximum power density in very small spaces. There is also the option to program the EPOS4 via various interfaces allowing for a tailored DC drive system that furnishes optimum coordination of the individual components. It also negates the need to possess intricate knowledge of brushed and brushless DC motors.

This article originally appeared in the 1//2016 issue of driven magazine. For more information on DC motor control capabilities call maxon motor Australia +61 2 9457 7477.

New DC motor Position Controller.

maxon motors smallest and most powerful DC motor controller to date.

For over a decade the line of Easy to Use Position controllers has proven itself with precision and reliability. Over one hundred thousand pieces have been successfully implemented into applications around the world. Now maxon motor release the latest generation of position control units, the highly anticipated EPOS4. Available as a module for OEM designs and also with connectors for easy integration there are two continuous power ratings of 8A and 15A. With tiny dimensions of 60mm x 62mm and being able to drive both brushed and brushless DC motors up to 1500W with 98% efficiency the new position controller has the highest power density ratio for maxon motor controllers. These attributes make it particularly suitable for space and power critical applications in various fields such as Electronics, Manufacturing, Process Control, Robotics, Communications, Oil & Gas or Aerospace.

The easy to use motor position controller has been designed with intuitive setup in mind, via freely downloadable configuration software. A modular system allows for selection between various communication preferences and additional new functionalities like Safe Torque Off and Field Oriented Control been included.

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Easy to use DC motor position controller connector version © 2016 maxon motor.

High speed motors and controllers unveiled at Hannover Fair.

maxon motor will be introducing new high speed DC motors and controllers at the Hannover fair.

Set to create a new benchmark for DC motor speed and quality are the new brushless DC motors from maxon motor. 22mm 60,000rpm and 35mNm are the characteristics of one new drive that will be released alongside new high power gearheads in 12mm through to 32mm diameter. The motors set new ground not only in performance but also in flexibility. Critical features of the motor include the ability to be adjusted, tweaked and altered online allowing the user to create the perfect motor for the job. A brushless DC motor that is extremely dynamic requires an equally dynamic motor controller, the EPOS 4 created with speed in mind has the most powerful characteristics of any motor control unit maxon has ever developed. The new products are set to create huge enthusiasm and can be seen for the first time at Hall 15 Stand D05.

For more information please contact +61 2 9457 7477 or visit maxon motor at the Hannover Fair website.

Subsea thruster, submersible DC motor and actuator range set to expand.

With the successful launch of the MT30 subsea ROV thruster from maxon motor, the drive specialist is expanding the range of ROV thruster sizes and submersible motors with pressure compensation vessels.

The MT30 subsea ROV thruster from maxon motor created a huge impression with 10Kg of bollard thrust from a 30mm diameter submersible brushless DC motor. Soon it will become just one option in the range of thrusters from the DC motor manufacturing marque. With a natural affinity suited to harsh application requirements the maxon range of heavy duty brushless motors (HD motors) were designed originally for use in down hole drilling rigs where extremely high shock, vibration and temperatures are experienced. The brushless HD motors in each power level have a version designed for submersion in oil. It is natural progression for the oil filled motors to be encased and pressure compensated for use submerged in seawater. This can be in the form of a thruster for underwater craft propulsion, an actuator for underwater instrumentation or a combined motor, gearhead and sensor feedback assembly totally sealed and pressure compensated for underwater tools and subsea valve control. The thruster sizes will range from 20mm through to 70mm diameter and will be available with the option of subcon connectors or custom cable (umbilical), compensators and control electronics.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information: Ph +61 2 9457 7477.

Subsea_Thruster_MT30-195px        Subsea_Thruster_MT70-195px

Main Image: MT20 Subsea thruster with maxon submersible brushless DC motor.

Above Left: MT30 Subsea thruster with maxon submersible brushless DC motor and pressure compensator.

Above Right: MT70 Subsea thruster for ROV with maxon submersible brushless DC motor.


DC motors for ROV and subsea actuators.

The new maxon motor magazine delves into the fascinating use of motors in all sorts of equipment used at the bottom of the sea.

Tethered by umbilicals or autonomously controlled, robots, ROV’s and subsea mechanisms use DC motors for positioning, gripping and propelling tasks. The motors need to be manufactured to suit the harshest operating environments and extreme pressure. Learn how design engineers create products for subsea applications and see them in use.

Also in the upcoming edition maxon motor experts cover the important features to look for in a DC motor controller and give a detailed comparison between brushed and brushless DC motors.

Contact maxon motor Australia for your copy. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.


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