A robot that can read your emotions.

maxon Brushless DC flat motors drive robots that you ‘get to know’.

From factory automation to spacecraft, military to medical, difficult applications are fulfilled with robotic devices. Now the field of robotics expands to the home. Robots that are funny, educational and helpful will soon be commonplace in homes across the world. SoftBank (the manufacturer of the Pepper robot) last year sold 1000 companion robots every month.

Robots capabilities are only limited by human imagination and available technology, and the imagination still spans much further. This is why maxon motor continually develop new motor designs to achieve the highest possible power density and dynamics.

The Pepper robot uses maxon Brushless flat motor technology. Often referred to as a pancake motor in Australia, the flat out runner design gives a high torque per volume ratio. It achieves this by the “lever arm” effect generated by placing the motors rotor on the outside of the stator. It can achieve a continuous output power of over 70W and weighs in at only 141 grams. 24V, 36V and 48V windings are available and custom windings can be produced to perfectly match an application speed and torque requirements.

EC45_flat_12W_450px.jpgThe brushless EC45 Flat or “Pancake” 45mm motor utilised in the Pepper robot. © 2016 maxon motor.

Contact maxon motor Australia for further information or assistance. Ph: +61 2 9457 7477.



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About maxon motor Australia

maxon motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems. More than 40 years’ experience, constant innovation, top-quality products and competent customer service make maxon motor a reliable partner in the drive technology sector. We are driven by your specific requirements. The product range incorporated in the modular system is comprehensive: Brushed and Brushless DC motors with the unique ironless maxon winding Flat motors with iron cores Planetary gears, spur gears and special gears Sensors (encoders, DC tachos, resolvers) Servo amplifiers, position controllers and control electronics High-tech CIM and MIM components Customer specific drive solutions. maxon motor is a Swiss company headquartered in Sachseln (Central Switzerland) that employs more than 2000 staff worldwide. With 14 sales companies based in over 30 countries, sales partners in another 10 countries and with six production sites, maxon motor are able to provide locally-based and competent customer service. maxon motor helps provide innovative solutions at competitive prices for numerous applications in various markets, such as Medical technology, Industrial automation and robotics, Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Communication, Consumer applications, Inspection and Instrumentation and Safety engineering. maxon motor Australia is based in Mt Kuring-Gai NSW and our staff will be happy to help you with all your DC motor and technical enquiries. www.maxonmotor.com.au

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